《Dream by the sea》

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Play premiered

《Dream by the sea》is produced by the Hong Kong China Travel Service Group, by Tianchuang international performing arts production exchange Co., Ltd. elaborate, large original variety stage drama. In January 22, 2006, premiered in the new China Zhuhai Ocean Spring Resort dream theater. The theatre by the CTS Corporation to spend nearly billion yuan to build, as the "seaside dream" exclusive theatre.

Drama synopsis

Play around the hero and Nina was from a small fishing village to the big city survival and development, realize the dream of the pursuit of life. The protagonist in their growth in the course of the joys and sorrows, arouse the audience's strong resonance, but also reflects the changes in the history of the city and society.

Play《Dream by the sea》

《Dream by the sea》Highlights appreciation

Play characteristics

《Dream by the sea》‘s rhythm of the bright, fashion. Director break the limitations of traditional stage art media, water ballet, Ju Jitsu international, comic pantomime, acrobatics, dance and other various art forms in one set and clever fusion of pop Symphony Orchestra and jazz, tango, electronic music and other elements. It uses the stage and 360 degrees of rotation of the seat to the audience, so that the actor and the audience interact closely to enrich the performance of the entertainment, fun and artistic.

Play value

《Dream by the sea》 in staged during by, central, the National People's Congress, the national Ministry of culture, the SASAC, the National Tourism Bureau, Guangdong provincial Party committee, and other government departments related to the leadership of the praise, which national culture department vice Minister Meng Xiaosi highly commented "this is a very creative modern urban drama, he fundamentally changed the traditional theatre to enjoy the habit is rare in today's Chinese stage art, comprehensive artistic effect very complete performance.

《Dream by the sea》

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