《Forbidden Love》

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Play premiered

On August 13, 2008, the Forbidden Love, which is a large symphonic Peking opera jointly invested and produced by China Heaven Creation International Performing Arts Co., Ltd., Beijing Gehua Cultural Center Co., Ltd. and Beijing Culture and Art Foundation with a total investment up to RMB15 million, was premiered at the National Center for the Performing Art as one of the “major cultural performance activities” during the Beijing Olympics.

Drama synopsis

The opera is based on the Legend of the White Snake, which is one of the four best-known folk legends in China. It is the first opera that integrates the traditional Chinese folktale with international humanistic concepts to highlight human beings’ common pursuit of love, kindness, harmony,and other spiritual values, and tells the story about the plaintive but beautiful and steadfast love between the leading characters from a more profound humanistic perspective. That’s why the opera can arouse resonance among the audience in different countries and with different cultural backgrounds.

Play《Forbidden Love》

《Forbidden Love》Highlights appreciation

Play characteristics

Famous scriptwriter Zou Jingzhi scripted the opera, and well-known stage show producer Cao Xiaoning worked as the chief director. The production team also includes: Gao Mukun, well-known director for Peking operas; Gao Liting, art director; Zhu Shaoyu, authoritative designer of music for voices in Peking operas; Zheng Bing, well-known composer; Kwan Kit Mok, costume designer who won the Golden Horse Awards of Taiwan; Li Qingjiong, choreographer; Dai Wei, famous TV program director. The opera was produced to cater for the aesthetic taste of the global target audience. It is a pioneer work that applies the structure and rhythm of musicals and integrates a variety of elements, including multimedia images, Chinese classical and folk dances, acrobatics and symphony, into the comprehensive performance of the traditional Peking opera based on singing, dialogue, acting and acrobatic combat, aiming to create a new and artistic opera form, namely the musical Peking opera.

Play value

The Forbidden Love is a “high-end export-oriented cultural product” produced for the tourism market of Beijing. It has been staged for 150 times at the Cultural Palace of Nationalities in Beijing and won warm applause from foreign audience and the young people.

《Forbidden Love》







《Forbidden Love》


Beijing Morning Post: Create a musical Peking Opera

Forbidden Love— large visual Peking Opera is combined with dance, acrobatics and other art forms and used a series of high-techs, which greatly enhanced visual impact. Moreover, it is an original show with independent intellectual property rights under the mode of government advocating and enterprises operating.

Beijing Daily: Peking Opera Forbidden Love won praise inside and outside of art circle

The extensive use of dance, acrobatics and other body art not only enriched the play, but also reduced language obstacles for foreign audience. Acrobatic greatly strengthened myth effect, by which it expressed how difficult for the White Snake to upgrade to be a human through net hanging and showed Dragon Boat Festival’s vitality by umbrella and Diabolo juggling. Three sections of classical long sleeve dance accurately expressed the White Snake’s pain and frustration and her desire for immortal love, and lotus dance and crane dance brought beauty and freshness.