《Dreaming Suzhou》

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Play premiered

Due to the huge success of “Dreamlike LIjiang ‘, China Heaven Creation was honored to produce another grand acrobatic ballet show on the invitation of the Suzhou Municipal Administration of Tourism, invested by Grand Asia Group, ’Suzhou in a Dream ‘has its world premiere at The People’s Hall of Suzhou City in September,2003.

Drama synopsis

The show is divided into 3 acts. Act 1.”Suzhou like a Dream’, uses images of typical local features to outline the idiographic culture of southern China. Ancient traditions are revived in Act 2,’Past Dream of Suzhou’. In Act 3,”The New Dream of Suzhou ‘, a rhythmic and ever-changing metropolitan Suzhou emerges on top of its revealing its youthful vigor and passionate aspirations of the new era.

Play《Dreaming Suzhou》

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Play characteristics

’Suzhou in a Dream ‘integrates European ballet with original Chinese acrobatics. The show benefits a great deal from the colorful local culture by mixing ancient Kun Opera with Jiangsu regional narrative folk songs to create a graceful southern Chinese flavor.

Play value

The 100minute production, fusing oriental and occidental elements into one show, is suitable for both refines and popular tasres.

《Dreaming Suzhou》

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《Dreaming Suzhou》


《Dreaming Suzhou》